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How Technology Can Help Orthopedic Surgery

When something breaks, we are generally able to fix it ourselves. However, when our bodies break or ache or start to fall apart, we may need the help of a professional orthopedic surgeon to fix it again. Thankfully, there are many excellent orthopedic surgeons available in the Fox Valley who can tend to issues and problems with bones and joints.

Even better, in today’s technologically advanced society, these surgeons have access to top quality materials that can make for even better outcomes. This is good news for patients experiencing ongoing problems with a bone or joint in their body.

Mako Robotic-Arm

One such example of technology aiding such surgery is the Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery. This is amongst the latest advancements in technological surgery and using robotic technology to help surgeons be more accurate and thorough when working on patients’ bones.

This is a surgical approach to replacing and repairing joints and bringing patients back to their full mobility and flexibility in movement. There are many steps to this technology that make the entire process of surgery, replacement, and repair smoother for both surgeon and patient.

To start with, orthopedic surgeons will create a 3D plan using CT scanning technology that is specific for each individual patient. This is done in conjunction with the Mako software technology. This will help to guide the surgery and reconstruction. It is important that this design takes into account the weight, height, and anatomical structure of the particular patient for the best results.

Next, the surgeon can use the robotic arm to guide the surgery on certain areas. The robotic arm is meticulous and controlled, staying with a predefined area to perform the surgery.


This software technology has many advantages, aside from the precision it offers. Since the 3D plan is tailored to the specific patient, it takes into account the specifics of the ligament balance. This makes everything much more accurate. Since it is guided by an accurate computer, it provides additional protection against soft-tissue damage.

This type of technological surgery is appropriate for many types of repairs and reconstructions. For instance, it can be used for:

  • Total hip replacements
  • Total and partial knee repairs
  • Joint disease
  • Degenerative, rheumatoid, and post-traumatic arthritis
  • Knee or hip deformities

The first time robotic surgery using Mako software technology took place was in June 2006. Over the years, the technology has evolved and adapted with new advances, keeping it at the top of its class. Over the years, there have been more than 100,000 Mako knee and hip replacements and reconstructions performed around the world.

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