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How to Best Care for Aging Knees

When it comes to knee care, Fox Valley residents should know that it is important to know how to care for this joint, especially as you start getting older. When you take proper care of your knees, you are reducing your risk of injury and mobility issues in the future. Thankfully, there are several things that you can start doing today to have healthier knees in the future.

Lose Excess Weight

Being overweight puts excess strain on the knees that you can avoid. Losing weight is not easy, but you can work with your doctor to determine a weight loss plan that will be effective for you. Losing just one pound works to take as much as four pounds off of your knees, so even if you lose a modest amount of weight, you are doing a lot to protect your knees. It is estimated that for every 10 pounds of excess weight that you lose, you are working to decrease the pain in your knees by as much as 20 percent.

Make Your Muscles Stronger

Strength training is critical for all aspects of your health, but it is particularly beneficial when it comes to your knees and other joints. When your joints are surrounded by developed muscles, they help to absorb some of the shock. This can help to reduce knee pain and help to protect your knees against injury and wear and tear damage.

Make Sure to Stretch Daily

It is important to keep your joints limber and flexible to keep them healthy. When you engage in daily flexibility exercises, you will make sure that the soft tissues in your knee joints remain healthy and do not get stiff.

Talk to Your Doctor About Pain Medication

You know that staying active is important, but if pain is hurting your plans, talk to your doctor. He or she can recommend an over-the-counter medication that can calm your pain enough to help you be active with limited to no discomfort.

Engage in the Right Aerobic Exercise

High-impact exercise like running is not the best option when someone has arthritis, but it is important that you keep moving to prevent the increased stiffness that can come with a sedentary lifestyle. Choose activities that are better for painful knees, such as swimming or walking. Both of these will help your knees, can help you drop excess weight, and will aid you in staying active for years to come.

As you can see, getting started with knee care early in life can help to preserve this joint as the years pass. Healthy knees are less likely to easily experience an injury or cause problems with your mobility in the future.

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