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Top Five Causes of Hip Pain in Women

Hip pain is not uncommon and most women will experience it at least once in their life. When hip pain strikes, you want to know what could be causing it. The causes range from relatively minor to needing intense medical intervention. Whether someone requires over-the-counter pain medications or a hip replacement (anterior or posterior), Fox Valley residents from Green Bay to Oshkosh want to know the cause of their pain and what their treatment options are.

Hip Fractures

Hip fractures are not always immediately apparent. It is possible for a fall to cause a minor fracture and while you will have pain, it might not be severe enough to think that more than just the fall is the cause of the pain. Some people have very minor fractures and have no idea that these are present until they are getting X-rays for something else and the fracture is discovered. If you are at risk for fracture and you take a fall, it is important to have your hips checked since untreated fractures can worsen and cause complications for some people.


Pretty much all people will develop arthritis at some point in their life. In many cases, it is due to wear and tear that inevitably happens as you get older. Osteoarthritis is the type associated with aging and it is the most common reason that women experience hip pain. When arthritis is at play, the pain tends to be chronic and might also lead to swelling and stiffness of the affected hip.

Bursitis and Tendinitis

These are two conditions that are characterized by inflammation and are often caused by overuse. It is impossible not to use your hip frequently since the joint is responsible for everything from walking to sitting down. Tendinitis means that a tendon is inflamed and bursitis means that a bursa sac is inflamed. Both can result in pain and stiffness, both of which can be quite significant in some people.

Back and Gynecological Issues

There are times when certain issues in your back or reproductive system can cause pain that radiates into your hips. For example, arthritis in the spine can sometimes cause pain in your hips. Or, you might have an ovarian cyst that makes it seem like there is pain originating in your hip, but it is actually radiating from an ovary. When you have hip pain, it is important to not just assume the hip is to blame.

As you can see, there are several things that can cause hip pain in women. Once you identify the cause, you can better work with your doctor to get proper treatment.

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