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Is Surgery the Ultimate Solution to Knee Problems?

Orthopedists have brought a revolution in the medical world particularly in the treatment of pains and complications in the knees. The specialists do assess the problems, make the necessary diagnostics using X-ray equipment and CT among other techniques such as ultrasounds and MRI, and recommend the right treatment procedures. An orthopedic knee doctor performs the mentioned activities.

Specialists for such condition report that surgical procedures are the safest methods that provide a permanent solution to the problems. Specialists also observe that different factors cause the problems. Some of the most popular causes could be either physical or inherent to the sick persons. Physical injuries happen during exercises or when an individual is involved in an accident.

Conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, and internal infections are also the leading causes of pain in the knees. Aging people tend to experience more cases of the condition as they do not engage in physical activities. Other factors include being overweight, great stress on the knees and previous injuries, as mentioned by the orthopedics.

Symptoms Involved

Problems in the knees manifest themselves in different ways and caused by different factors. Some of the noticeable symptoms by the victims are swellings in the knee area, weakness and reduced stability when the individuals try to stand on their feet. The part also begins to experience some abnormal stiffness and popping noises with a simple attempt to move the joints.

Redness of the area is an indication that there is discomfort in the joints. The symptoms can be followed by a mild or severe pain. Specialists handling complications in the knees include the primary care providers, sports medicine specialists, rheumatologists and the orthopedic surgeons.

Orthopedic Surgery

For a surgical doctor to be authorized to conduct orthopedic procedures, they have to be certified by the board of orthopedic surgery. The practitioners are then tasked with investigating, preserving, and restoring the affected joints to normalcy. Some medical procedures conducted by the specialists include partial and total replacement of the knees, traumatic injuries, kneecap replacement, ACL reconstruction, knee osteotomy and knee revision.

Therapeutic Procedures After Knee Surgery

Recovery of a patient depends on their response towards the rehabilitation process. Patients can be discharged from the medical facilities after one or three days of the surgical procedure. The physical therapists will coach the patients through strengthening exercises for the knees and other stretches that are important in inhibiting the growth of tissue scars and enhance the motion of the patient. Most patients take four to six weeks to gain full recovery after a successful replacement procedure.

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