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Mako Robotic Assisted Surgery

Whether or not they want to put off knee or hip replacement, patients surely need the assistance of an orthopedic surgeon in the Fox Valley. Additionally, they would require a reliable facility that is equipped with the latest technology and equipment in orthopedics.

The Orthopedic & Sports Institute (OSI) in Appleton has the latest technology in robotic surgery that is taking the industry by storm. In addition to qualified orthopedists, the facility is one of the few centers that offer the Mako robotic assisted surgery in Wisconsin, and the only one in the valley.

Mako Technology

Mako technology aims at transforming orthopedics by enabling specialists to perform their practice in a unique manner. With the technology in place, the doctors can have a more predictable surgical experience when they perform joint replacement surgery.

Currently, Mako robotic technology supports various applications including total hip replacement, total knee replacement, and partial knee replacement. With the advances ongoing in the medical industry, research reveals that in the next ten to fifteen years, the demand for orthopedic procedures is likely to go up considerably.

Robotic Surgery at OSI

The Orthopedic & Sports Institute is the first facility to provide Mako robotic arm assisted surgery in northeast Wisconsin. The new surgical process for joint replacement provides a higher level of customization to achieve precise implant alignment and positioning. It is important to know that Mako technology enjoys the support of more than fifty published and peer reviewed clinical publications. The technology has been used in more than 100,000 procedures.

  • The surgeon utilizing the technology uses a 3-D plan that corresponds to the patient’s needs and condition and a CT scan that guide doctor in the restoration process.
  • The customized 3D plan considers each patient’s particular anatomical and ligament balance.
  • During the surgical process, the surgeon guides the robotic arm, setting it in the area defined by the CT scan, which allows the doctor to operate within the planned boundaries.

After surgery, physical and occupational therapy begins. This rehab can take place at Recovery Inn, OSI’s attached skilled nursing facility—a facility with a 5-star hotel feel and personalized care to ensure total healing.

With the inclusion of this latest technology in its operations, OSI keeps its culture of innovation by providing the best option for patients in Fox Valley to resume their normal lifestyle with ease.

If you would like to request a consultation with one of the orthopedic specialists at the Orthopedic & Sports Institute (OSI), please call (920) 560-1000 or request an appointment online. OSI is Northeast Wisconsin’s exclusive provider of Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery for Hips & Knees. OSI has convenient locations to serve you. In addition to the flagship facility in Appleton, you will find outreach clinics in New London, Ripon, Shawano, Waupaca, and the newest location serving the Green Bay area, inside the NOVO Health Clinic in De Pere. The Appleton location also has a walk-in clinic that provides care for new orthopedic injuries.

OSI is a proud member of NOVO Health.