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Knee Pain Management Solutions

Nearly everyone has experienced knee pain. At severe levels, the condition could lead to a replacement of the knee bone. If that is the case, the patient could consult a specialist for robotic joint replacement in the Fox Valley, from Green Bay to Oshkosh. All the same, people suffering from the condition could minimize the pain by engaging in physiotherapy and mild physical exercises to improve mobility.


Knee pain is more common in senior citizens due to age advancement and reduced mobility, but there are other causes, too. In some instances, the condition may be the result of a regular daily wear and tear of the ligaments, tendons, and bones in the area. Sometimes, it could be due to a serious injury such as an accident. Sports and recreational activities are also a good cause of knee complications. Broadly, the causes fall into two categories:

Sudden Injuries

This is probably the major cause of pain in the knee region. When a person experiences a direct blow to the area, somewhat abnormal twisting, or bending, the person could have a complication that could even lead to a replacement of the affected part. Injuries of the knee affect the lower leg, too, which may become weak or immobilized after the injury.

  • Sprains and strains—these usually affect the tendons and ligaments
  • Fractures—these can result from twisting, bending, or falling objects
  • Dislocation of the kneecap—this is common in teenagers, especially girls. It could be the result of a fracture or a dislocation causing the bone pieces to get stuck and not easily glide.
  • Dislocation of the knee joint—often caused by a sudden blow to the region


People who engage in recurring physical activities like climbing long stairs are likely to experience pain in that part of the leg. The activities simply impose too much pressure in the area, which eventually weakens the structure. Prolonged activities could affect the joint severely, and that could require a partial or complete replacement. Fortunately, with the new technology of robotic joint replacement in the area, people with the condition can get adequate help as they need it.

Physiotherapy Treatment

Even though it is advisable to see an orthopedic specialist for a detailed examination of the condition, physiotherapists also do a great job in restoring the condition of patients with knee pain problems. They can help the patients with mild exercises. For instance, stretching the muscles that support the knee could improve blood flow to the area. Similarly, hip extensions during standing and prone positions could also improve healing.

Overall, patients are advised to tone their core muscles, maintain a healthy weight, and adopt a lifestyle that corresponds to their condition.

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