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Benefits of Receiving Anterior Hip Replacement

As a person ages or following an injury, replacing certain body parts may be necessary. These surgeries can be extremely scary for many individuals and can have painful and long recoveries. However, for individuals who may need to replace a specific body part, many options are available.


What is Anterior Hip Replacement?

Anterior hip replacement is a popular option for Fox Valley residents who are in need of surgery. While there are many options for surgery, anterior hip replacement surgery is where a surgeon enters at the front of the leg to reach the hip, instead of from the back or even the side of the body. With this surgery, the incision is small, is less invasive than other options, and the recovery is much faster and easier. If you are choosing another type of hip replacement surgery, the muscles must be cut and reattached, but when entering at the front of the leg, the muscles are only separated.


What are the Benefits of this Surgery?

As mentioned previously, one of the greatest reasons for considering this surgery is it is less invasive and much easier on an individual’s muscles. When a surgeon enters from the back or the sides, they must cut through various muscles to reach the hip. When entering from the front, the surgeon doesn’t have to cut muscles. Instead, the surgeon can move the muscles to reach the areas he or she needs to access inside the body.


Recovery is Much Easier

Replacing a body part is no simple task and can be extremely painful and requires a long and often painful recovery. However, by not cutting and damaging any muscles, the recovery is much faster as you don’t need to wait for the muscles to heal. This may also mean that post-surgical stays are also reduced.


Better Outcome

For some patients, they may be able to move and function within a few weeks while others may not. However, those who choose to have anterior hip replacement surgery experience less damage to their muscles, helping them receive full range of motion much faster than those who do not. Of course, the outcome will depend on several factors and not just the type of surgery one person chooses compared to another.

Replacing any type of body part can involve long, painful recoveries. You may never gain your full range of motion and the recovery may be extremely painful. Before making any final decisions, make sure you discuss all possible surgery options with your doctor and make the best decision for you and your body’s needs.

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